Sedona Artists

Cher Lyn is a shamanic visionary artist with the rare talent of anchoring Spirit’s transformative power in the physical world.  Blessed are those who have been touched by her soul paintings which capture one’s essence as well as heal it.  The alchemical depth and breadth of her work is impressive.

“Working intimately with Nature Spirits as an artist I feel these co-creative ventures transform energy through the creative expression using intention with heart and soul… Aho.” Cher Lyn

Crossing all international lines the art of Cher Lyn elicits profound responses from people of all ages and walks of life. As a visionary she explores in-depth the invisible worlds of spirit, bringing back spirit and symbol, painting the messages onto the canvas. The images invite you past the borders of her paintings and guide you to explore multidimensional worlds of myth, emotion and texture. – Four Corners Magazine

Bear Cloud is a visionary artist and a leading authority on sacred geometry.  His majestic paintings personify the sacred in nature connecting us to the spirits that dwells within her.

He eloquently describes his art, “First, I would like to say that I paint what my heart has to say. These paintings are visions of what my spirit feels in the connection of those things that are around me. It is what I feel to be a mission of my spirit as I walk upon Earthmother. I consider these visions to be a gift of the creator, and I am honored that I can do such a thing. I feel that my path has been blessed. Visions are not normally spoken of in my way; however, some are and these visions are of that way. These paintings are best understood by just connecting to them and feeling what they say. Wah-we-nah”

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