Recommended reading:

The Wind is My Mother, by Bear Heart with Molly Larkin is my favorite go to book, always reminding me how to walk on the spirit road. This manual for living blesses us with wisdom and truths to live by, showing us through his example, how to walk in beauty. His teachings are God’s grace to humanity.

In the spirit of community building I highly recommend a unique little jewel of a book, The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, by Sobonfu Some. This simple yet profound book will awaken you to a whole new way of seeing and participating in personal as well as social relationships, and is a wonderful inspiration for community gatherings.

Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants, by Eliot Cowan, is brilliantly written and introduces world views that will challenge the western mind.  ” Plants are not under the illusion that they are separate from the rest of creation. Observe how any plant interacts with soil, air, minerals, animals, and insects. Everything around it is enriched and benefited by its presence. Plants live in harmony with nature. One might even say that plants are nature. Out of this union comes their incredible generosity to us and to all their other fellow creatures.” Having personally studied with Eliot, I can attest to the accuracy of his claims.

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