Kate VrMeer is an intuitive healer specializing in shamanic healing and 5 Element Plant Medicine, workshop leader and activist. She has been working with clients for over 25 years. Kate has had the honor of studying with many fine shamanic teachers including Eliot Cowan, Corbin Harney, Sandra Ingerman and Medicine Grizzly Bear. She also has Acupressure Certification, Ananda Yoga Teacher certification and has done extensive studies in Mindfulness Meditation, Past Life Regression, and Council.

“Living in harmony with creation or as the Navajo eloquently phrase ‘Walking in Beauty’ is to me the ultimate state of being. This perspective has led me to a life dedicated to the healing arts and teaching techniques that connect us to the Divine and the sacred in Nature.”

Kate lives in Sedona AZ.  She works with clients individually, in person or long distance, and takes visitors out on the land, teaching them how to commune with the plants, elements and sacred power centers. Kate offers workshops in Sedona AZ and nationally on shamanic healing and re-connecting with the sacred in nature.


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