2020 Workshop Schedule

July 24-26, Shamanic Journeying, Sedona AZ

Shamanism awakens us to the unseen realms of Spirit. All of life is alive in an interconnected web of life. Direct experience of this relationship can be accessed by journeying through the Spiritual realms.  These three realms consist of the Middle World in which we all live, the Upper World of celestial beings, and the Lower World of Mother Earth. Each realm has it’s own purpose and set of rules which we will explore in detail. This workshop teaches you how to identify your Divine teachers and power animals, perform a power animal retrieval, safely journey for yourself and others, hold sacred space for healing with Divine light, and journey to the natural world.
We will start off each day with the heart based meditation practice of counsel. Then journeying to the beat of the drum, you will enter a light trance state where you can begin to explore the terrain indigenous peoples have traveled for centuries, meeting your spiritual teachers and power animals, receiving their wisdom, while healing and growing through the process. Most importantly, you will learn how to create a bond between you and Spirit that will support and guide you through life’s challenges.
Please bring: a rattle or drum (if you have one), notebook to notate your journeys, blanket/yoga mat and/or pillow, and wear comfortable clothing. Fee: Early bird pricing: $450, $500 if paid after July 10th. Space is limited.

Living in Sacred Union with the Natural World, Fall Equinox, September 19th -21st Sedona AZ

When we live in a state of reverence and gratitude, we connect with the natural flow of the universe, creating wholeness and a sense of well-being. Spend Fall equinox communing with nature while reconnecting with yourself. Greet each morning with the Circle of Gratitude. Get to the heart through Council. Visit a sacred vortex. Journey to and work with the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, understanding their gifts and medicine. Anchoring your newly acquired knowledge, energetically, into a sacred item of your choice, rattle, talking stick or medicine rock/ crystal, to take home. We’ll conclude the retreat with a traditional pipe ceremony,  praying with and for the Creator, and all of our good relations in Nature. Smoking the ceremonial pipe is available but not necessary for active participation in the ceremony.
Please Bring a rattle (if you have one), notebook to notate your journeys, blanket/yoga mat and or pillow, and wear comfortable clothing.
Fee: Lodging and meals are not included. Early bird pricing: $450, $500 if paid after September 10th, Space is limited.

For more information and payment contact Kate at:
Further workshops may be added or canceled due to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding!

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