On the Land

Experience the healing power of Nature.

Learn how to work with the land to receive its gifts and messages. Kate will lead you in traditional indigenous methods of communing with Nature. Learn council, a form of meditation that opens your heart to receiving spiritual truth and healing. Commune with the plant kingdom, sensing their grace, wisdom and gifts of healing. Understand the purpose of the rock people, open to their ancient wisdom and learn how to use use their medicine to relieve stress and tension. Then allow yourself to be cleansed by the water element and recharged by the sun, the source of power for our planet. Reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself, and start living your life as you meant it to be.

One or Two People $300 for a 3 hour outing. Each additional person $100 for 3 hours. 

To schedule time with Kate email her at: jkvrmeer@gmail.com