Prayers for Healing and Protection

Water Prayer for Tea Preparation
Water is the source of life for our planet, it flows to us new life, while cleansing and protecting us along the way. Since humans were born from the amniotic sac, it is our first medicine.
Before boiling your water, pray over it from the heart, something like this: Beloved sacred water, I am (Full Name) I come before you in a humble manner with thanks and gratitude in my heart for your help and healing. It is my understanding that you were put here on Mother Earth from the beginning of creation and you are an important part of creation, you are the life force or blood of Mother Earth. You, sacred water, are our first medicine, for you create, replenish, purify and protect all life. I therefore ask that you use your sacred gifts to cleanse, clear, purify, protect me and bring in new life as I bathe in and/or drink this sacred tea. Thank you beloved water, I love, respect and appreciate you! Now you can boil your blessed water. 
As a gift for you, scroll down to the bottom of this page to hear the late Shoshone Spiritual leader, Corbin Harney’s “Water Song”!

Salt for bathing and protection The mineral Halite, can be used in a myriad of ways. It helps one connect to the ocean, the Moon and its cycles, and grounds spiritual energies onto the material plane. It is traditionally used for domestic harmony and balance, physical wellness, vitality, longevity and an alchemical return to wholeness. However, we will work with salt from a perspective of purification, spiritual protection, and releasing unwanted influences. Before working with Sea Salt reverently address it; Beloved Salt, I am (Full Name), I come before you humbly with a grateful heart. You dear Salt, were placed here on Mother Earth from the beginning of creation in our sacred oceans, protecting and ensuring it’s long life. You share with us many gifts and purposes. Because of your incorruptible nature, you protect and maintain the integrity or purity of one’s true Spirit, and do not allow that which is not of the light to continue. You Salt, cleanse, clear and protect us from all negative energies seen and unseen. I therefore ask that you lend me your medicine and cleanse, clear and protect me from all negative influences… describe in detail. Thank you beloved Salt! You can now use your salt to bathe with, use as a protective border around your home… Keeping a white bowl of salt in each room of your home or in your house’s South West corner, will help to balance and stabilize the energy throughout your home. Discard and replace the salt every 6 months for optimal effectiveness.

Mugwort People have been working with Mugwort for thousands of years to treat a wide range of issues and health conditions, everything from osteoarthritis, digestive conditions, menstrual cramps, and cancer, to poison ivy remedies, Chinese moxa, insect repellent and aiding prophetic dreaming. Mugwort’s gifts and benefits are exhaustive, making it a fascinating plant to investigate and work with!

Mugwort Tea Before adding Mugwort, Artemisia to the boiling water, pray over Mugwort in this manner. Beloved Mugwort, I am (Full Name) and I come before you in a humble manner with thanks and gratitude in my heart for your help and healing. I love, honor, and appreciate you. It is my understanding that you were put here on Mother Earth with an important reason, purpose and function, you are a master healer, your medicine can heal us on all levels, mind, body and spirit, of energetic blocks that cause stress and health issues. I ask that you use your good medicine to heal me (state health problem) and clear the stress surrounding my (health problem). Thank you!
Use at least 1 cup dried or 2 cups fresh mugwort to 1 gallon of water. Steep tea, simmering for at least 20 min but no longer than 45 min. Just before going to bed: Leave out 1/2 cup of tea, later dilute it with water making a full cup. Add the remaining tea to your bath and soak, submerging your body, for at least 20 min. Place Mugwort leaves on parts of your body that need deep healing. Do not rinse off, pat dry. Drink 1 cup of diluted tea before going to bed. Do not throw away used leaves, respectfully bring them outside and place under a tree or favorite bush.

Yarrow is primarily a women’s herb, but is also known as a “cure-all” herb. It works to tone the blood vessels, especially the smaller veins (it’s well known for stopping nosebleeds) and lower blood pressure by dilating the capillaries, therefore having a beneficial whole-body effect through the blood system. It is effective at breaking up congealed blood, stopping hemorrhages, making it an invaluable herb for mensural irregularities. It’s effect on bodily fluids helps in cases of diarrhea and dysentery. It is effective for colic and blockages of the urogenital area, and is used for stomach cramps, cystitis, flu, arthritis, and rheumatism. Yarrow reduces fever by relaxing the skin, thus opening the pores to allow copious sweating and the release of toxins. It also has a long history of being used in divination and energetic clearing.

Yarrow Tea Before making your tea, pray over your dried or fresh wild Yarrow something like this: Beloved Yarrow, I am (Full Name). I come before you in a humble manner with thanks and gratitude in my heart for your help and healing. It is my understanding that you were placed here on Mother Earth with an important purpose, reason and function. You are a powerful herbal medicine for women, for you cut energetic ties between the abused and the abuser. I therefore ask that you lend me your medicine and sever all ties connecting me to those who raped/violated/abused me (choose appropriate term and state their names). Thank you Yarrow, I love, respect and appreciate your gifts.
Once the blessed water is boiling (around 2 Cups water) add wild crafted yarrow (1/8 Cup) and continue to boil for a bit, then steep for 20 minutes. Just before going to bed, douche with the yarrow tea and drink 1 cup of diluted tea, praying to the tea again before you drink it. Save the rest of the tea to douche and drink before going to bed for up to three nights. (When you receive a dream that the ties are severed, you are complete, no need to continue). Please do not throw away the used yarrow tea leaves. Being sacred medicine, treat it with respect by placing it outside underneath your favorite tree or bush. Remember to be gentle and loving with yourself and practice self care.

Crystalline Flower Bath Invite in crystalline flower energy so that you may be ever blooming, ever opening, ever emanating soul beauty. Simply gather red roses or red flowers: goddess energy, white flowers: divine masculine energy, and yellow flowers: God/ Creator/Central Sun energy to be blessed. Make your tub area a sanctuary, light a candle and use this sacred time to put yourself upon the alter. Make a bath with hot water. Pray to the water, the giver of new life. Then pray on the flowers, ask that they help you to be ever blooming, ever opening, ever emanating soul beauty. Then blow on the flowers from the solar plexus 3 times. Place the now charged flowers in the bath and soak until the water is cool. I personally like to take the petals off as a meditation of gratitude while soaking, but it is up to you. You may save the flower petals and take a bath again the next day if you would like to deepen your process. When you are done with the flowers take them outside with gratitude. To fully take advantage of the power of the flower bath, align your timing near the full or new moon (waxing not waining), solstice or equinox. 

The late Shoshone Spiritual leader, Corbin Harney, speaks about the importance of prayer and sings his Water Honoring Song.