Individual sessions

Intuitive/Shamanic sessions: Kate VrMeer journeys on behalf of her clients intention in search of answers, help and healing. Spirit orchestrates the session bringing forth the spiritual helpers, guides and power animals necessary to restore harmony and balance. While following Spirits lead, Kate seeks guidance, retrieves lost soul and power aspects, and extracts present negativity. Often a clients shadow aspects or past lives must be visited and healed for deep restoration to take place; or a lost loved one will enter the healing space offering the client closure and peace of mind around their death. The possibilities for healing are as unique as the individuals needs dictate. Session: 1-1 1/2 hr $150, each additional half hr $50

Intuitive/shamanic sessions are also offered long distance via the telephone or Skype. To receive the most out of your long distance session, create a quite, receptive environment for the work to take place: light a candle, smudge if you like, and call in your spiritual helpers. Make sure to allow yourself time after we work together to journal, process and integrate. Also, drink plenty of water after your healing to cleanse the body of toxins that were brought up to be released.

5 Element Plant Spirit Medicine blends shamanic techniques with Chinese Medicine’s 5 Element theory. Kate clears a variety of energetic blocks associated with Classical Chinese Medicine and then builds up the client with a plant that is in harmony with their constitution. This modality treats the client on a deep soul level, beyond their symptoms, where the true cause for ones maladies reside.  First Session:  2+hrs $200;  Following Sessions:  1-1 1/2 hr $125, each additional half hr $50.

On the Land, Native Ways of Knowing

Experience the healing power of Nature in the transformative energy of Sedona. Kate will teach you traditional Native American ways of communing with Nature: learn council, an ancient method for accessing spiritual truth; commune with the plant kingdom, sensing their grace, gifts and wisdom; understand the gifts of the rock people; and allow yourself to be cleansed by the water element and recharged by the sun, the source of power for our planet. As you reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself and start living your life as you meant it to be.

Individual: $60 an hour, minimum of 2 hours;  Groups: $40 an hour per-person, minimum of 2 hours 

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Kate VrMeer made a profound difference in transforming my life. Her work with me has enabled me to release negative thought patterns and defense mechanisms that had long inhibited the free flow of positive energy and my ability to envision a positive direction in my life. The powerful lion within me has now emerged and gives me the strength to give voice to a more self-directed life.  –RM, Ohio

After meeting Kate VrMeer 18 years ago and working with her I realized I had been searching for her shamanic guidance (even though I didn’t know what ‘shamanic’ really meant then) for a very, very long time.
Over the years she has helped me tremendously: spiritually, emotionally and physically. She is the most unique, genuine, and authentic practitioner I have ever encountered from my 40+ years of searching, studying, and working toward my spiritual development.  -MD, Arizona