Living in Sacred Union

Flower dream
Because there is nothing but God, I try to show reverence to all things. -Hafiz

Living in sacred union emerges from a place of reverence and gratitude for all life, from the humble weed to the majestic mountain.  Living in harmony with creation or as the Navajo eloquently phrase ‘Walking in Beauty’ is to me the ultimate state of being. This perspective has led me to a life dedicated to the healing arts and teaching techniques that connect us to the Divine and the sacred in nature.

When we are connected with the web of life, we become part of the natural flow of the universe, things fall into place and all seems right in the world. But all to often this is not our reality, we feel disconnected, we strive without results, frustration sets in, and we long to experience that state of wholeness once again.

My aim is to show you how to plug yourself back into the fabric of the universe through sacred union with nature. This is an ability that at one time all people shared and that indigenous people still know and carry on today. It is an awareness that comes from the heart, not the head, and it is with an open heart that we begin.  May this journey please you.

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